Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson Pull Awesome Prank on UFC President Dana White (Video)

Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson prank UFC president Dana White

The upcoming UFC light heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson at UFC 187 may end up being really good. But no matter what actually goes down inside the octagon, there won’t be very much tension outside the ring to build up hype beforehand—not after Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson cooperated so nicely to pull an epic prank on UFC President Dana White at a UFC press conference on Saturday.

The UFC held a press conference called “Welcome to the Show” on Saturday before UFC 184, the purpose of which was to hype some of the big fights coming in the next few months. When Jones and Johnson got up on stage for their staredown photo-op, Jones leaned in and butted heads with Johnson, and immediately the two were going after each other with White trying desperately to keep them apart.

Then all of a sudden the animosity subsided. The two fighters smiled, gave each other a high five, and then hugged. They had Dana (and everyone else) going for a few seconds.

Take a look:

If that gave you deja vu, you’re not alone. Last year something very similar happened between Jones and Daniel Cormier during a press conference ahead of their fight at UFC 182. Only instead of smiling and high-fiving, they actually started beating each other up and things got ugly really fast.

Now you can understand how relieved Dana White must have felt when Jones patted him on the stomach.

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