Michael Jordan Joins the Forbes Billionaires List for the First Time (Video)

Forbes Billionaire list

If you thought that Michael Jordan had reached the apex of his wealth with endorsements and salary while he was playing, think again. The all-time great just made his first appearance on this year’s Forbes Billionaires list, joining 289 other new members.

His ownership of the Charlotte Hornets catapulted him onto the list this year. While they aren’t exactly a powerhouse, with the sale of the Clippers going for $2 billion last year, an NBA team is a nice asset to have. Jordan owns about 80% of the team and is still getting an estimated $100 million per year in Nike royalties. Nice gig. No wonder he’s eying his own private golf course in Florida. I’m surprised he hasn’t bought Augusta.

Here’s a video of Jordan’s big-ass 56,000 square-foot Chicago house that sort of looks like an office park from the outside:


Something tells me this won’t be his only appearance on the Forbes billionaires list.

Hat Tip – [CNN]

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