Skydiver Suffers Seizure, Goes Unconscious During Free Fall (Video)

skydiver suffers seizure

There is no such thing as a good time for a seizure. I have never had one myself, but from what I understand they are pretty “inconvenient.”

However, while there may never be a good time for a seizure, there are definitely times that are worse than others. For example, you’re better off having a seizure while reading a book or playing the piano than driving a car or performing surgery.

Another really bad time for a seizure? While you’re skydiving, as one very lucky man recently found out.

We don’t know the man’s identity, but we do have his firsthand account:

“Possibly the scariest moment of my life. On the 14th of November 2014 while doing stage five of my Accelerated Free Fall program I have a near death experience. At around 9000ft I have a seizure while attempting a left hand turn. I then spend the next 30 seconds in free fall unconscious. Thankfully my jumpmaster manages to pull my ripcord at around 4000ft. I become conscious at 3000 ft and land safely back to the ground.”

The video is absolutely as harrowing as it sounds. Take a look:

Yep, there’s another reason you will never catch me skydiving.

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