PGA Golfer Claims Tiger Woods Suspended For Failed Drug Test (Video)

Tiger Woods suspended failed drug test rumors

While most of us are under the impression that Tiger Woods is currently taking a break from golf in order to re-find his game, there is another rumor that has begun circulating.

It comes via little-known PGA pro Dan Olsen, who appeared on 730am The Game’s “Mad Dog in the Morning” radio show on Friday. And during his interview, he dropped this massive bombshell: The reason for Tiger’s recent hiatus from the PGA Tour is he was suspended one month for a failed drug test.

Tiger Woods suspended?!?!? What would cause Olsen to make such a claim?  According to him, this is the news he received from a credible person, and he even went so far as to say that, “when it’s all said and done, (Tiger Woods) is going to surpass Lance Armstrong with infamy.”

Should we believe Olsen and his claims regarding a Tiger Woods suspension for a failed drug test? Listen to the interview and decide for yourself:

Hat Tip – [730am The Game]

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