15 Biggest Trolls in Sports

biggest trolls in sports

It is not easy to become a world-class sports troll. In addition to a natural aptitude and predilection for pissing people off, it requires years of dedication and persistence to hone your craft. You have to know exactly what to say to provoke an emotional response from your audience, and you need to know exactly when and how to say it in order to maximize social discord. And that is not easy.

Today we are celebrating the biggest trolls in sports. Some people probably think we should not encourage this sort of flippant, disrespectful behavior. However, we’re grateful to trolls for drumming up so much entertaining sports rage. Without them, people like the legendary Phyllis from Mulga wouldn’t exist. And that would be a terrible shame.

So lighten up, take a look, and remember—they’re just messing with you.


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