Cuban Slugger Alfredo Despaigne Gives Us Two of the Slowest Home Run Trots You’ll Ever See (Video)

slowest home run trots alfredo despaigne

Cuban slugger Alfredo Despaigne, 28, is widely regarded as the best hitter not currently playing Major League Baseball. The man has absolutely destroyed the Cuban league since 2004, hitting .348/.446/.643 with 233 homers—which would probably be more like 500 homers if they played more than 90 games per year down there.

I bring this up because apparently, when you’re that good, you do whatever the hell you want without repercussion. So if you hit two home runs in a game like Despaigne did yesterday against Cazadores de Artemisa and you want to celebrate those by performing two of the slowest home run trots in the history of baseball, you effing do it.

Here’s the first:

And here’s the second—because apparently the unwritten rules of baseball haven’t migrated down to Cuba, so the pitcher didn’t know he was supposed to plunk him:

If the baseball gods have a sense of humor—and I’m pretty sure they do—Despaigne will get signed by the Yankees so he can play alongside Brian McCann everyday. Because you see, McCann LOVES IT when guys do this.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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