Girls HS Basketball Team Gets Disqualified for Wearing Pink Jerseys (Pic)

pink jerseys

For those who claim that the pink jerseys for breast cancer awareness have gotten out of control, you’ll be happy (I guess) to know that the powers that be have disqualified a girls HS basketball team for wearing them.


The Nathaniel Narbonne High School girls basketball team wore the jerseys, just as they had 11 days before without incident, during a tournament, only to find out after their victory in the semifinals that they needed to obtain a “special waiver” to wear jerseys that aren’t representative of the team’s school colors.

Well, that actually sort of makes sense. I mean, it sucks that in this instance the girls were trying to do something charitable and good, but letting high school basketball teams pick out their own colors for different games would cause everyone’s retinas to sear and shrivel.

The pink jerseys aren’t the only thing that has gotten this team in trouble. They were on probation all this year because their coach didn’t bench a player who received two technicals¬†in their previous game during last year’s state playoffs.

Sounds like these guys could use an administrator or something.

Hat Tip – [LA Times]


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