Jordan Leopold’s Daughter Wrote Adorable Letter to Minnesota Wild Coaches Asking Them to Trade for Her Dad (Pic)

Jordan Leopold's Daughter

Veteran NHL defenseman Jordan Leopold, 34, was traded from the Columbus Blue Jackets to the Minnesota Wild yesterday before the NHL trade deadline. Normally a transaction like this wouldn’t be news. The guy started the year in St. Louis before getting dealt to Columbus, where he was 6b on the Blue Jackets’ defense depth chart—which is why he’s logged only 25 games all year.

So why, then, is this transaction news? Because Jordan Leopold’s daughter, Jordyn, wrote an adorably sweet letter to the Minnesota Wild coaches asking them to trade for her dad.

You see, Jordan Leopold was born and raised in Minnesota, and he played college hockey for the Minnesota Gophers. More importantly, that’s where his wife and four kids live. Leopold has bounced around so much since he joined the league in 2002, he probably figured settling down in Minnesota made more sense than assuming he’d ever stick with one team. At least they have family there.

Unfortunately, because Leopold was with the Blues and then the Blue Jackets, he’s hardly been home to see his family this year. When his daughter wrote her letter to the Wild in January, her dad hadn’t been home since November.

No wonder it’s so moving. Take a look:

Jordan Leopold's Daughter copy

I am lost without my dad? My dad is very lonely without his family? If that doesn’t tug your heart strings, call your doctor because you’re probably dead.

But did this letter really help bring about the trade? According to Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalaianen, he didn’t see it until the deal was done. However, he did say that he was looking for a possible deal before that because he knew about Leopold’s family situation. And after the fact, he retweeted the photo of the letter, saying “It isn’t always just about business.”

As for the Wild, GM Chuck Fletcher wouldn’t say he made the deal because of the letter. But he did admit to seeing it, saying “it was pretty powerful.”

My hunch? Leopold might have been traded to the Wild anyway because the Jackets knew he wanted to go to the Wild and the Wild needed a little depth on defense. But the letter pretty much guaranteed the deal got done.

Warms the heart, doesn’t it?

Hat Tip – [CBC]

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