Lebanese Basketball Game Turns Ugly with Giant On-Court Brawl (Video)

lebanese basketball game

A former ACC scoring champ was the unfortunate target of a cheap shot and subsequent brawl at a Lebanese basketball game over the weekend.

Former Maryland player Terrell Stoglin got hit in the back of the head during a match between Club Al Rayadi and Club Sagesse.  Unfortunately, the cameras don’t cover the actual punch that precipitated this whole mess, but they do show some overly physical play on the part of the defender. I can’t tell if that’s a function of just a different style of play, or if the guy was being a jerk. It looks like he was being a jerk.

Here’s the video. Try to judge for yourself what went on:

Yikes. That got ugly in a hurry.

Stoglin not only fell following the hit, but he then curled up to defend himself from blows on the ground. A pretty ugly scene. Aside from this, Stoglin has been thriving in his four years playing abroad, having even dropped 74 points in one game.

He made the leap to Europe after getting suspended by Maryland for a season. Let’s hope he’s able to recover and play ball.

Hat Tip – [CBS]

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