Patrick Patterson Rocks Some Sick Mittens on the Raptors Bench

Patrick Patterson

NBA players are a fashion forward bunch, but that doesn’t explain what we’re looking at here. Patrick Patterson was sitting on the Raptors bench wearing large mittens. Not gloves. MITTENS. I know Philadelphia, where the game was held, can get cold at times, but not normally inside the arena.

It was 19 degrees outside in Philly, but we assume it was more like 65-70 degrees inside the Wells Fargo Center. No explanation has been given, so maybe we can just assume that he was feeling nostalgic for his youth, when he used to go sledding. He grew up in West Viriginia, so it’s possible.

Heres the tweet with a very funny caption:

The weirdest part is that he doesn’t look happy about his mittens, which leads me to believe maybe he’s wearing them for a medical reason? Maybe he has chicken pox, and he uses the gloves to stop scratching himself like in that one episode of Friends.

Here. I got the clip.

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