Eagles Fan Goes on NSFW YouTube Rant about LeSean McCoy Trade (Video)

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By now, we should all be used to these YouTube rants. They seem to be 99% football related, and they’re always hilarious. Hilarious because someone doesn’t just rant.  Rather, they rant in front of a camera so that as many people as possible can hear them voice their displeasure. And then there’s the anger. They’re calm enough to sit down in front of a laptop, prep the camera, etc.  Then when they start rolling, all the anger comes out.

This Eagles fan does exactly that in response to the LeSean McCoy trade to Buffalo—which netted the Eagles linebacker Kiko Alonso in return.

This Eagles fan isn’t on board. You learn that pretty early on. Like, in his amazing opening sentence.

Then you’ve got the title of the video. Do you think he went back and forth on the number of exclamation points this title required, or just held shift+1 for an arbitrary amount of time?

Keep the videos coming, folks.  These reactions are gold. And sorry you lost the league’s third-leading rusher, YouTube user eatdatpussy445.

Yup. That’s his username.

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