The Hooters Ball Girls for the Phillies Are at Very Different Skill Levels (Video)

We know that when a team recruits Hooters ball girls for a job, they’re probably not going after talent or skill, but that’s no excuse for the varying abilities of these Hooters ball girls at Phillies spring training. One just sort of watches the foul ball pass right between her legs, Bill Buckner-style, while the other looks like Ozzie Smith out there.

Here’s the clip of the first Hooters ball girl in action:

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Man, that pissed the announcer off. He’s furious at her. I don’t think he understands why she’s there.

Then, there’s right shark. She knows what she’s doing. She’s a born brick wall in tiny orange shorts.

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I wonder if this clip will get the leftmost of the Hooters ball girls fired. Will she be sent down to minor league spring training? Does that even exist? Is it as depressing as it sounds? 

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