Murray State Pitcher John Lollar Has One Hell of a Windup (Pic)

Murray State pitcher

Yesterday, there was some sizzling D1 college baseball action as Murray State and Kentucky squared off. Normally, we would not be reporting on such a game, but this match-up was special. Special because Murray State pitcher John Lollar was photographed in the middle of his windup and…

… and he sure believes in getting leverage. Take a look:

It looks more like a CrossFit exercise than a windup. I think his hip is more likely to give out than his shoulder.

So did this Murray State pitcher strike gold with this windup?  No. He did not. He let up three walks and four earned runs in five innings during his team’s loss. He also threw 72 pitches, which is impressive if that’s his standard windup.

Oh well. At least it makes college baseball interesting…Well, MORE interesting.

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