Watch Stephen Strasburg vs Bryce Harper For The First Time Ever (Video)

Stephen Strasburg vs Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg are probably the two most highly-touted MLB draft picks of the past decade, but because both of these first-overall selections were taken by the Washington Nationals (Strasburg in ’09 and Harper in ’10), and they’ve remained with the Nats their entire careers, we’ve never had the privilege of seeing them face one another…until now.

In an effort to prepare themselves to face real hitters in Spring Training, Strasburg and closer Drew Storen requested they take part in a live batting-practice session on Wednesday.  The batters included Denard Span and Danny Espinosa, in addition to Harper.  The hitters rotated after every five pitches, with each of them eventually seeing 10 pitches from each of the two pitchers.

So what transpired during the highly-anticipated, never-before-seen Stephen Strasburg vs Bryce Harper battle?  According to’s Jamal Collier, Harper swung at three of the 10 pitches he faced from Strasburg, missing two of them and lining one towards second base.

Here’s a look at the line drive to second:

And here’s Harper swinging and missing:

One hit and two strikes on three swings?  I’m calling this one a draw.

Hat Tip – [@jamalcollier]

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