Dude Performs WWE Finishing Moves On Girlfriend, Because She Must Love Him (Video)

Quick tip for all of you women out there: Nothing says I love you quite like allowing your boyfriend/husband/significant other to perform an assortment of WWE finishing moves on you, all while one of your man’s friends records it on camera.

Believe it or not, there are women out there who really do love their man enough to allow him to do such a thing to them.  One such couple even put their love on display by posting the video on YouTube.  So if you’d like to watch some dude by the name of Joe Weller give his girlfriend a chokeslam, RKO, Rock Bottom, and several other WWE finishing moves, you can do so below:

Does your girlfriend love you enough to let you perform WWE finishing moves on her?  Maybe you should ask her.  I already asked my woman—and I’m still waiting on an answer.

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Hat Tip – [Joe Weller]

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