Gus Johnson Flips Out Over Dunk by Michigan State’s Matt Costello (Video)

Gus Johnson

Gus Johnson isn’t particularly well-known for keeping his cards close to his vest. He’s emotive, is what I’m getting at. That’s why college basketball likes him so much. In March Madness, his enthusiasm is just icing on the cake, but during the boring regular season, the NCAA and its networks need to inject a little excitement into games like Michigan State vs. Purdue.

In that matchup, with Michigan State leading by 10 with four minutes left, Spartan forward Matt Costello pulled in an offensive board and threw it back down. It didn’t change the course of the game or anything, but judging by Gus Johnson, you would have thought that Costello just revolutionized basketball.

Here’s the clip:

How about that reaction? Pretty awesome, right?

I’m not going to do it justice by writing it out, but it was something like:


Because it’s not a Gus Johnson playcall unless it has 45 exclamation points.

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