Pair of Hockey Injuries Reminds Us That Hockey Skates Are Extremely Sharp (Pics)

gruesome hockey injuries

This week, we have not one but two incredibly gruesome hockey injuries to remind us of one simple yet crucial fact about hockey: skate blades are extremely sharp.

The first injury comes from St. Louis and a kid named Daniel Lamartina, who plays for the Francis Howell North High Knights. On Tuesday the Knights won the Wickenheiser Cup, the NIT of Missouri high school hockey championships, and all the players piled on top of each other near their goal.

That’s when this happened:

Number 88 there is Lamartina. And in case you couldn’t tell, he crashed into a teammate’s skate while attempting to join the dog pile.

And now Lamartina looks like this:

gruesome hockey injuries daniel lamartina

The lesson? Celebrate with caution.

But wait, there’s more! We have another gruesome hockey injury to tell you about. This one comes from Reddit user Yobay. We don’t know who he is or what type of league he was playing in. All we have is his description:

I was cutting to the net from the boards, defenseman took me out into the goalie, the goalie skate (which has corners) grabbed the side of my knee and the pressure of me falling into him with speed pushed my shin pad up and the skate sliced through. Ended with all 3 of us in the net and the net off into the boards. I didn’t know it was bad until I was helped off the ice and felt something weird, pulled my sock down and revealed this horror show.

Aaaand the horrific photos: That can be viewed at Deadspin

Incredibly, Yobay reports that there was no damage to the ligaments or patella. Just a plain old flesh would.

Seriously kids, don’t play sports.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]


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