112-lb Kelsey Green of Texas Squats 350 lbs Like It’s No Big Deal (Video)

Kelsey Green

Kelsey Green is a Texas junior powerlifter clocking in at 17 years old and 112 pounds. So she’s not exactly a force of nature. However, don’t let the small package fool you. She’s like an ant when it comes to carrying things many times her body weight.

In this clip, she’s at a weightlifting competition when she easily squats 350 pounds. So easily that I’m surprised she stopped at 350 and didn’t attemptĀ 400 the next time. Maybe she did and no one was recording it. Nah. That’s ridiculous. Everyone records everything nowadays.

Here’s the clip. We can discuss it after you watch:

Maybe it’s due to the headline that we already figure Kelsey is going to do this, so we look elsewhere for drama. For instance, the guys racking the weights. I’m still 90% sure they didn’t put the proper weights on. One side has a bright silver plate, and the other does not. Now, if this was a gym, fine, whatever. But I would think that a weightlifting competition wouldn’t just toss rusty mismatched plates to competitors.

Then, after putting the collar on, Left Shark casually slides it off, puts on the CORRECT weight, and acts like it’s not a thing.

Then you’ve got the man screaming “GET IT GIRL!”

You can probably guess how I feel about him.

(I feel awesome about him.)

Awesome work, Kelsey. Keep it up.

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