Larry Donnell Imposter Fools MSNBC Following Crash at LaGuardia (Video)

Larry Donnell Imposter Fools MSNBC

Earlier today we told you about how New York Giants tight end Larry Donnell was on the Delta Airlines flight that slid off the runway at LaGuardia.  He even took a picture and video of the aftermath from the crash, which left only six of the 131 passengers on the plane with non-life-threatening injuries.

News stations throughout America and across the world have been reporting on this news all day today, and at one point in the afternoon, MSNBC actually believed they had Donnell on the phone to talk about the incident.  But much to their dismay, and our delight, it wasn’t actually Larry Donnell on the phone.  Rather, it was a Larry Donnell imposter.  And the Larry Donnell imposter has a bit of a potty mouth.

Check it out. (There’s some NSFW language at the 0:31 mark):

That’s right.  Another “F*ck her right in the p*ssy.” Poor Andrea Mitchell didn’t know what hit her.

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