Minnesota High School Hockey Tournament, A.K.A. The Tourney, Features Some Spectacular Mullets (Pics + Videos)

the tourney hairdos minnesota high school hockey tournament

Hockey is a big deal in Minnesota. And I’m not just talking about NHL hockey or college hockey. People are also crazy about high school hockey. In fact, the state high school hockey tournament—known throughout the Land of Lakes simply as “The Tourney“—is the most hyped sporting event of the year. The people who don’t pack the Xcel Energy Center in downtown Minneapolis to watch the games live stay home and watch the games on TV—because yeah, every game is televised.

Of course, people don’t necessarily watch the games for the hockey. Every year, the players who take part in The Tourney rock some incredible hockey hairdos, which they proudly show off during the player introductions prior to each game.

Seriously. The hairdos are a huge deal. People talk about them on Twitter, and when the tournament is over some random guy makes a compilation video of the best ‘dos, called “The All Hockey Hair Team.”

Here’s the 2014 compilation, which is absolutely amazing:

Meanwhile, here are a few of the hairdos you might be seeing on the 2015 edition:

The Tourney is going on right now. You can follow it over at Minnesota Hockey Mag, if that’s your thing. Or just stay tuned until we do a post about the 2015 All Hockey Hair Team video in a few weeks.

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