ASU Fans Distract Free Throw Shooters with an Erotic Unicorn Display (Video)

ASU fans

Few fan bases are more resourceful than college basketball fans. Take for example these ASU fans, who decided to draw the attention of opposing free throw shooters by dressing as unicorns in the throes of…passion? Agony? Ecstasy? Something.

College fans are usually somewhat smart (they’re in college, after all), irrationally passionate, and have a TON of free time to think this stuff up. And what we’re left with is the fruits of their labor. How did Arizona State, of all schools, manage to dream up this little scenario? I have no idea. It seems like more of a Rutgers stunt. But what’s done is done.

Here’s the awesome clip:

It merits mentioning that this wasn’t pulled out for just any game. This was a weapon used by ASU fans in the Arizona-ASU rivalry. You can’t waste this sort of thing on a non-conference matchup.

Unicorns are real. They’re horny as hell. And they attend Arizona State.

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