Blazers Fan with a Tremendous Beard Hits Half-Court Shot, Wins a Car (Video)

Blazers fan

A Blazers fan last night lined up to take the iconic half-court shot for a free car. And guess what? HE NAILED IT.

The man, who strangely hasn’t been identified in reports, so we’ll just call him Mr. Beardley, not only won a Toyota Avalon Hybrid, but also got to high-five Robin Lopez.

Talk about an embarrassment of riches! I would have been thrilled with just the high-five!

The Blazers ended up knocking off the Mavs, running away with the game in the 4th, but this guy is the MVP. I mean, he’s a white guy in Portland with a beard. He might be the city’s mayor for all we know! And if he’s not, I think this notoriety might urge him to run. Now that he’s got that Avalon Hybrid, people won’t be able to criticize his carbon footprint. ¬†And for his campaign video, they can just show a repeating clip of that shot.

This Blazers fan would get my vote. And my heart.

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