Marc Crawford Tirade During Swiss League Playoff Game Proves He’s Still Got It (Video)

marc crawford tirade

Marc Crawford kind of wore out his welcome in the NHL. After opening his career with a bang, leading the Avalanche to a Stanley Cup championship in just his second year back in 1996, he had another relatively successful stint with the Canucks. But after missing the playoffs his last year there, coaching for two years in L.A. and missing the playoffs both times, then coaching two more years in Dallas and missing the playoffs both times, the lustre had pretty much worn completely off.

As a result, today Marc Crawford isn’t so much remembered for his skill behind the bench as he is for his fiery temper. The confrontation he had with Scotty Bowman during the 1997 Western Conference Finals? Legendary.

Of course, Crawford is still coaching. He’s just doing it in Switzerland for the ZSC Lions. And, from time to time, he still gets pretty fired up.

Just check out what happened last Saturday, for example. With Crawford’s Lions trailing EHC Biel 5-0 in the third period of a Swiss League playoff game, the Lions’ Henrik Tallinder got into a fight with Bien’s Spylo Ahren, and afterward Biel coach Kevin Schläpfer was chirping at Tallinder. So Crawford hopping up on the plexiglass and gave his rival coach a very profane piece of his mind.

Seriously, it was awesome. Check out this Marc Crawford Tirade:

Hollywood? That is f*cking fantastic. You know that’s going to be Schläpfer’s nickname the rest of his career.

Oh, and in case you’d like to compare this Marc Crawford tirade to the ’97 one, here:

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