This Contestant Proves Not All Blindfolded Dunks Are Impressive (Video)

blindfolded dunk

You don’t hear much about people who get really ambitious and fail, because most ambitious people have a sense of their capabilities. But every once in a while, you get a guy who wakes up and says to himself, “How hard is it to run a marathon…REALLY?”

Today, that guy is Justin Felton, a player in the Philippine Basketball Association. Either he’s got a very bad sense of his abilities, or he was just having some fun with the crowd when he attempted one of the few blindfolded dunks that fall very, very flat.

Just…just watch:

Not very close, Justin.

Blindfolded dunks are usually undertaken by guys that can estimate, within 5-10 feet, where the rim of the basket is. You were off by just a hair. I guess we could all be impressed that he landed on his feet, but that’s setting the bar a little low for dunk contests, isn’t it?

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