Tattooed MMA Fighter Acts Tough, Gets Knocked Out Instantly (Video)

A heavily tattooed MMA fighter known as “Julz the Jackal” decided he was going to act like a total bad-ass during the weigh-in, encroaching on opponent Ben Nguyen. However, a couple seconds into the actual fight, it became clear that maybe The Jackal wasn’t so tough, and with those tattoos he might be trying a little too hard to be a lizard-man, when really he’s just a substandard MMA fighter.

Within about twenty seconds of the match…well, you’ll see:

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It turns out, tattoos, no matter how many you have, really don’t offer any protection from punches and kicks. They just look cool. In moderation. When you have as many as this dude does, it just makes it pretty obvious┬áthat your life didn’t turn out the way you expected it to.

But then again, I’m guessing this fight didn’t either. Unless he expected to get knocked out immediately.

Hat Tip – [Reddit]

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