Here Are Some More Amazing Tourney Hairdos and Mustaches (Pics + Videos)

tourney hairdos and mustaches

Yesterday we told you about the Minnesota high school championship tournament, a.k.a. “The Tourney.” We told you how The Tourney is a HUGE deal in the land of a thousand lakes, with all the games televised on local cable. And we told you how one of the best parts about The Tourney was the sick hockey hairdos the kids show off during the pre-game player introductions.

Well, today we’ve got a couple more awesome tourney hairdos and mustaches to show you, just to drive the point home.

Seriously, every kid at The Tourney looks like they took a hockey card from 1979 to a hair salon and said, “make my hair look like that.” And the showmanship! Out of this world.

Check them out:

tourney hairdos

Keep up the nice work, kids. We’ll check in with you again next weekend.

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