Andy Murray Exposes Unfaithful Davis Cup Teammate in TV Interview (Video)

Andy Murray

One of the big problems with live television is that once you say what you say, it’s out there, and it can never be taken back. For instance, one slip of the tongue can ruin a teammate’s marriage, but only if that teammate was kind of ruining his marriage by himself to begin with.

Rather than speak in the abstract, let’s cut to it:

Andy Murray was being interviewed about the goings-on of him and his Davis Cup teammates when he accidentally let slip that his teammate Dom Inglot might be celebrating with his girlfriend that night. However, Dom Inglot has another girlfriend back home, who he said was likely watching this slow-motion trainwreck unfold.


The best thing about it is Andy Murray‘s reaction, because he just loses it laughing. That makes sense.

Of course, Dom can’t help but laugh either. I mean, if you’re screwed, the least you can do is enjoy your downfall.

And we’ve all learned the lesson that Andy Murray is a terrible wingman with a big mouth who will violate the bro code without a second thought.


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