Watch the 2015 All Hockey Hair Team Video or Regret It the Rest of Your Life (Video)

2015 all hockey hair team

Last week we tried to get you excited about the amazing hairdos at the 2015 Minnesota high school hockey championship tournament (“The Tourney“) and the All Hockey Hair Team video that was sure to follow.

Our efforts were 100% justified. The 2015 All Hockey Hair Team video is here, and it’s absolutely incredible. But first, let’s back up a bit just in case you have no effing clue what I’m talking about.

In Minnesota, the high school hockey championship tournament is a huge deal. It’s called “The Tourney,” it’s on television, and every player on every team sports a ridiculous hockey hairdo during the pre-game introductions.

Now, in the past, this hairdo thing was just for fun. But a few years ago some random guy started making incredible low-fi videos in which he presents his “All Hockey Hair Team” from The Tourney. And these videos, with their brilliant droll commentary and intentionally poor production values, have acquired a cult following. Thus, the kids today aren’t just sporting crazy Tourney hairdos for fun. They’re also doing it to make the All Hockey Hair Team.

This year’s hockey hair video? Utterly phantasmagorical. Not even cameos from Minnesota natives T.J. Oshie and Blake Wheeler could undo the low-fi campy glory.

Check it out:

Why does The Tourney have to come just once a year?

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