NYC FC Goalie Josh Saunders Smashes Head On Goal Post (Video)

Josh Saunders

It’s safe to say that NYC FC’s MLS debut game last night was nothing if not exciting. Goalie Josh Saunders was playing a cross 15 minutes in and collided with the goal post, head first, leaving the entire stadium holding their breath after the violent crash.

The collision looked violent, and while trainers ran out onto the field, substitution rules required a quick determination if Josh Saunders was going to stay in the game. He was responsive and stayed in, making many wonder if the rules need to be changed so that concussion candidates are taken off the field to be evaluated without the team being assessed a substitution.

Take a look at the play that may very well serve as NYC FC’s introduction to the sports world:

Yikes. Glad he’s ok, but this probably merited more than a few seconds of examination before figuring out if he should continue playing or not. I mean, just LOOK at that collision. You have to sit him on principle, don’t you?

Hat Tip – [SoccerGods]

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