Ohio State Football Team Dances During B-Ball Game Halftime (Video)

Ohio State football

During halftime of the Ohio State-Wisconsin game, the cheerleaders stepped aside to make room for the Ohio State football players.

They might not have the right moves, but what they lack in dancing ability, the Buckeyes players more than make up for in enthusiasm and hilarious clothing. You know, like Ezekiel Elliott, who you can check out in the image above. He’s amazing. He looks like an extra from “Beat It,” but in 2015.

We don’t get a lot of context here, but that’s just fine. We don’t need it. These guys are struttin’ their stuff, and while it might not be the best dancing we’ve seen, it’s plenty funny.

Here’s the clip:


It also makes you appreciate just how much better those cheerleaders are at dancing than the Ohio State football team, who are probably above-average dancers themselves.

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