Overzealous Orlando City Fans Make Ill-Advised Leap from Stands to Celebrate Goal (Video)

orlando city fans

On Sunday, two brand spanking new MLS teams made their franchise debuts when Orlando City SC hosted New York City FC at the Citrus Bowl. And let me tell you, the Orlando City fans were JACKED UP.

From the moment players stepped out onto the field, fans were cheering like crazy, banging away on drums, waving flags back and forth, throwing streamers, and doing all sorts of other soccer-fan-type things. It was so insane that, for some players—probably not legendary Brazilian midfielder Kaka—playing in front of a crowd like that was probably the highlight of their careers.

Of course, it wasn’t all fun for Orlando City fans. They had to watch their team go down 1-0 in the 76th minute. Then they had to watch their team go down to ten players after Aurelien Collin got a red card for a vicious tackle on aged Spanish legend David Villa in the 83rd minute. 

However, redemption came in the 89th minute, when the first goal in franchise history—thanks to a lucky bounce on a Kaka free kick—tied the game 1-1. And at that point Orlando City fans went into a frenzy.

Two guys even decided, hey, we’ve had a few beers, so let’s just leap out of the stands and 15 feet to the field below!

Take a look:

I don’t want to discourage the enthusiasm in Orlando. I’m glad they’re having such a good time, and they’re right to be excited about a soccer team that actually has the balls to call themselves a soccer (not football) team.

That said, they really do need to pace themselves. It’s a long season.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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