Royals-Angels Game Spring Training Game Interrupted by…BEES! (Video)

spring training
During spring training, it’s pretty much a given that the most interesting things won’t actually be baseball-related. We’ve got 162 baseball games we’re supposed to care about. We can’t start pretending to be interested just yet. So, we look to other aspects of spring training to focus on.

Like killer, bloodthirsty bees. These monsters infiltrated the Angels-Royals game over the weekend, causing players to run away like cowards and many, many sportswriters to call back to this clip, which I will do right now as well:

Yes, the bees!

Here’s the MLB clip, which, obviously, is not nearly as much fun as the Nic Cage clip:

Adding to the excitement was a beekeeper who made his way through the stands to tend to the airborne pests.

This is about as exciting as spring training baseball gets, so I hope everyone’s enjoying it.

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