Austrian Soccer Team Shows Off Hilarious Penalty Kick Game (Video)

austrian soccer team penalty kick game

Austrian soccer team FC Pinzgau is not a European powerhouse or even an Austrian powerhouse. They play in Austria’s third-tier Regionalliga West league, which means they’re kind of like a Division II NCAA team.

That said, there’s still a 97% chance that every single player on FC Pinzagau is a better athlete than you. (Don’t argue with me here, it’s science.) So it’s still pretty damn funny to watch them play this penalty kick game in which they spin around 20 times and then take—nay, attempt—a penalty kick. Because by the time each player is done spinning he looks like he’s had about 12 beers.

The point of the game, we assume, is team building. Every player on the team has to look like a total idiot in front of ever other player on the team, who are all rolling around laughing at you.

Maybe you should suggest this game at your next company picnic?

Take a look:

I’ve seen some fun penalty kick games in my day, but this one takes the cake.

Thank you, Pinzgau.

Hat Tip – [The Sport Bible]

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