Note to Lovebirds: Don’t Put Bill Belichick on Your ‘Save the Date’

Bill Belichick

…Or DO put him on your save the date.

People get so uppity about weddings it’s nice to see someone have some fun with it, even if Bill Belichick and his ghastly visage may not scream “romance” when you look back at your scrapbook ten years from now. It’s funny now.

It’s a shame that Jessica and Julian didn’t put the location on the save the date, because I’m sure many people on the Internet are free that weekend and wouldn’t mind partying with a couple that has a sense of humor like this.

We don’t have the Patriots’ 2015 schedule yet, but if they’re playing at home the next day, then Bill Belichick will pretty much have to show up, right? Goodell will make him attend in a half-hearted attempt to convince the world that the NFL isn’t all robotic monsters.

And let’s face it, Gronkowski doesn’t turn down a party, so he’ll likely be there as well.

Here’s the invite. See you guys at the wedding:

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