DeMarco Murray Removes ‘Cowboys’ from His Twitter Bio for Free Agency

DeMarco Murray

Lest you thought that professional athletes would handle things like professionals when it comes to contract negotiations and such…nope. It’s looking like signing DeMarco Murray isn’t a high priority for the Cowboys, so they may let the prolific running back test the waters of free agency.

DeMarco Murray responded to his free agency in the most mature way imaginable: He took “Cowboys” off his Twitter bio.


It might be a more profound move if he had Tweeted anything in the past month other than “Thanks for all the Bday love!” But alas, that’s all he’s got.

It’s likely that this is just a silly power play and Murray will come back to the Cowboys with no love lost for the right price, but in the meantime, there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t sign with another team that makes him feel welcome. That could be Philly or it could be the Colts, or just about any other of the dozen teams for which Murray would serve as a big upgrade.

So only time will tell if “Cowboys” makes it back on to Murray’s Twitter bio.


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