The Gronkowski Brothers Were Dancing Fools at the Clippers Game (Video)

Gronkowski brothers

For a Boston athlete, Rob Gronkowski sure does spend a lot of time in Los Angeles. I mean, I can’t say I blame him, but it’s funny that every time he’s seen going out, it’s in LA or Vegas. I guess he can afford the plane tickets.

The most recent stop on the Tasmanian devil-like tour of the Gronkowski brothers was an LA Clippers game.

The Patriots tight end went from dancing like no one’s watching in the stands to taking the court to throw foam footballs to the fans. It seems like this guy is never not having fun. And now he’s got his brothers in tow.  The Gronkowski Brothers Traveling Circus might just make a stop in a town near you—provided, of course, you live in LA.

Here they are dancing to LMFAO:

And here’s the party animal throwing footballs:

Yeah. He’s having a good time with his fame.

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