Mississippi State Football Players Jumped Outside Concert During Spring Break in Panama City (Videos)

mississippi state football players dak prescott kicked in the head

Spring break got off to a pretty bad start for three Mississippi State football players on Monday. Quarterback Dak Prescott, defensive end Torrey Dale, and wide receiver Damian Williams were jumped by at least six men in the parking lot outside a Waka Flocka concert in Panama City.

Prescott got on Twitter late Monday and assured everyone that he is okay. And Mississippi State media relations staffer Bill Martin told Dr. Saturday that “none of the injuries were serious.” But from the looks of the photos and videos that have surfaced on the interwebs—including that screen shot you see above—it looks like Prescott, at least, took a pretty serious beating.

Here he is after the fight:

mississippi state football players attacked dak prescott

And here are a few low-res videos of the incident from Twitter user @domonics:



Those give you a rough idea of what went down. But here are a couple more videos that show exactly what happened. (Spoiler Alert: Dak Prescott gets kicked in the head:

We don’t know if this attack really was totally random, or if Prescott and company started a beef with these guys inside the venue. However, it is clear that they were jumped and outnumbered.

Of course, the cops will never be able to track down the perpetr—wait, no, here they are bragging about the fight on Twitter…

mississippi state football players jumped
Now here’s a close-up:

mississippi state football players attackers

There are a couple of attackers seen in the video who aren’t pictured here. But all of these geniuses are easy to spot.

The only mystery left to solve is, who the hell was that white guy lying next to the car, and IS HE DEAD?

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]