Now an NBA Fan Has Sent a Support Letter to All 30 NBA Teams…

NBA fan

We saw this behavior once before when a little kid sent a letter to all the NFL teams and only the Carolina Panthers responded. Now, an NBA fan on Reddit tried the same move with all 30 NBA teams, and only the Minnesota Timberwolves responded…so far. I say “so far” because I’m sure a human heart in a box is on its way from Jimmy Dolan and the Knicks. It should be arriving soon.

The Timberwolves responded back in gracious fashion, even sending the fan a ball signed by all the team’s 2012-13 (???) players. No Wiggins, but still pretty good.

You can read about the whole affair on this Imgur post, as well as see the other 29 letters he sent.

It’s a little discouraging that this NBA fan, who seems to be writing in earnest since losing his Sonics, can only get a response from one small market team. I mean, the Lakers may play in LA, but it sounds like they could use a fan or two. Their bandwagon is getting pretty light these days…

Hat Tip – [Reddit]



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