Steven Jackson Launches “Save the Running Back” Campaign with Hilarious Video

steven jackson save the running back campaign

Former Rams and Falcons running back Steven Jackson launched a pretty hilarious “campaign” this week. He calls it the “Save the Running Back” campaign, and its goal, in case you had trouble deciphering that cryptic title, is to save the running back.

Don’t get me wrong. Jackson is serious about wanting to save running backs—or to be more specific, wanting to save the old-fashioned every-down, one-back system. Today, most NFL teams employ a two- or three-back platoon, using running back A in one situation and running back B in another situation. The result is that the value of the position has gone down, which is evident by the fact that so many teams are willing to let elite backs walk out the door. As someone who grew up idolizing guys like Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith—and as someone whose own legacy hangs in the balance—Jackson probably really is bothered by this trend.

That said, Jackson doesn’t really think this is some tragic social issue that people need to rise up against. The whole campaign is tongue-in-cheek. Just look at the brilliantly dry video he made, featuring a terrible poem he wrote as a child:

This “Save the Running Back” campaign is really just a fun way to promote the Steven Jackson Foundation, his youth-centric community service foundation. If you go to, you can buy Save the Running Back t-shirts, proceeds from which go to the foundation.

Good stuff.

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