Hard Foul Leads to Insane Women’s College Basketball Brawl and 15 Suspensions (Video)

women's college basketball brawl

On March 7, the Texas Southern and Southern (Louisiana) women’s basketball teams played each other with the regular season Southwest Athletic Conference title on the line. However, the game was called off with 12:37 left in the second half and the teams separated by just two points. A hard foul on a Texas Southern player instigated one of the nastiest women’s college basketball brawls you will ever see.

It all started after a Southern player got whistled for a charging foul during a two-on-one break. The Texas Southern player who was knocked over got up off the floor and got in the Southern player’s face. Then another Southern player, #20 Keonia Parrish, came rushing in and gave the Texas Southern player a shove.

That’s when all hell broke loose:

On Monday night, the SWAC handed down their official sanctions. The game officially ended at 12:37, and both teams received a loss. In addition, six Southern players and seven Texas Southern players were suspended for one game, while one player on each team—Keonia Parris from Southern, and #45 Kiana Vines from Texas Southern—received an additional game. That brings the total number of players suspended to 15.

But wait, there’s more!

Southern has announced that Keonia Parrish has been kicked off the team altogether for “actions detrimental to the team,” while #33 Kenidi Robinson has been suspended for the remainder of the season. Texas Southern, meanwhile, has decided not to issue any further punishments to their players. However, they have pulled out of the upcoming SWAC tournament rather than field a sub-par team.

The lesson? Don’t fight, kids.

Hat Tip – [AL.com & The Advocate]

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