9 Ways to Improve the MLS (or at Least Make It Suck Less)

ways to improve the mls
Now that the 2015 Major League Soccer season has officially begun—to almost no fanfare—today we’re going to take a look at some key ways to improve the MLS…or at least make it suck less.

Yes, that is a harsh title, and it might give you the idea that I don’t like the MLS. But I actually do. They’ve faced an uphill climb for the last 20 years, and although there have been a couple of pretty big setbacks, overall they’ve done a fantastic job. Here, I’ll list some of the good things:

  • There are now 20 stable teams in the league, and 12 of them have soccer-specific stadiums—which is impressive when you consider the Oakland A’s don’t even have a baseball-specific stadium.
  • Many teams have rabid fans who make their stadiums ROCK on game-day, and that makes MLS games really fun to go to.
  • The New York Yankees and Manchester City are co-owners of New York City FC, which adds a lot of sports cred (and financial stability) to the league.

Unfortunately, there are still a couple of major problems. Namely, the TV viewership SUCKS, and the quality of the players is still way behind other leagues around the world. And unfortunately, it’s impossible to solve one problem without the other.

The MLS’s TV ratings suck because the product isn’t as compelling as the EPL. However, they can’t sign the world’s best players because they don’t have enough money. And they don’t have enough money because not enough people watch the games on TV. It’s a vicious cycle.

Still, there are there are some simple ways to improve the MLS right now. They wouldn’t fix everything, but they’d get the league pointed in the right direction. And today I’m going to point them out to you.

So let’s get started…


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