Andrea Bargnani Really Sucks at Defense (Video)

andrea bargnani

Andrea Bargnani is nowhere near the worst #1 NBA draft pick in recent memory, let alone of all time. The guy’s averaged 15 points and 5 rebounds per game in his nine-year NBA career, and his PER is just a hair under the league-average of 15.

However, while Bargnani isn’t a completely useless player (usually), the Knicks are paying him $11.5 million this season. And that seems like a lot of money for a slightly above-average offensive player and a way below-average defender who does sh*t like this:

That’s from last night’s Knicks-Jazz game. As you can see, Bargnani’s footwork is…well, it…yeah, it’s just terrible. He makes Utah’s power forward Derrick Favors look like the second coming of Karl Malone.

In fairness, Bargnani did score 20 points in Tuesday night’s 87-82 loss. But how many of those points were canceled out by his atrocious defense? Almost every other team in the league would rather have a center who plays good defense and offers little on the offensive end than a center who scores 20 and give up 10. But not the Knicks. They like to be different. Which is why they suck.

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