Cortland Finnegan Retirement Announcement Includes One Last Dig at Andre Johnson for Old Time’s Sake (Pic)

cortland finnegan retirement anouncement dig at andre johnson

Earlier today, former All-Pro cornerback Cortland Finnegan got on Instagram and told the world that he is hanging up his cleats after nine NFL seasons.

On the surface, it might seem like this is just the latest in a slew of high-profile retirements this week. However, when you look closely at the Cortland Finnegan retirement announcement, you see this one is special.

Why? Because Finnegan didn’t just thank fans and teammates, and he didn’t just talk about how lucky he was to play the game he loves. Cortland Finnegan also managed to slip one last dig at Andre Johnson into his retirement announcement.

As you may recall, Finnegan and Johnson got into one of the nastiest, most infamous fights in NFL history during a game between the Titans and Texans back in 2010. And although four and a half years have gone by since then, the animosity has not subsided.

Check it out:

The crying emojis were a nice touch.

Ball’s in your court, Mr. Johnson.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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