Eugenie Bouchard and Justin Bieber Finally Meet at Will Ferrell’s Charity Tennis Tournament (Pics)

eugenie bouchard and justin bieber at will ferrell charity tennis tournament

Remember when that sports reporter asked Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard who her celebrity crush was at the 2014 Australian Open? Remember how she said it was Canadian pop idol Justin Bieber? Remember how it bummed you out to imagine a lovely, talented young woman like Eugenie hanging around with a d-bag like Bieber?

Well, I’ve got some good news for you. This week, Eugenie Bouchard and Justin Bieber actually met for the first time at Will Ferrell‘s charity tennis tournament in La Quinta, California. And she didn’t seem all that impressed.

How can you tell? The photos give it away. The two Canadians were paired together for a “match” against Ferrell and his Get Hard co-star Kevin Hart. Here’s a photo of all four of them:

eugenie bouchard and justin bieber with will ferrell and kevin hart charity tennis tournament

And here’s a photo of Bouchard and Ferrell. Note Bouchard’s wide, enthusiastic smile:

eugenie bouchard and will ferrell

Hell, here’s a photo of Bouchard with her Slovakian tennis colleague Daniela Hantuchova, with Bouchard still sporting a wide, toothy grin:

Eugenie Bouchard and Daniela Hantuchova

Now look at this photo of Eugenie and the Biebs:

eugenie bouchard and justin bieber

See the difference? Not so crazy about having JB’s skeezy arm around her neck, is she?

I don’t know about you, but my faith in humanity has been restored.

Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]

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