This 7 Year-Old Girl Does NOT Take the Jimmy Graham Trade Well (Video)

Jimmy Graham

To her credit, this girl, in discussing the Jimmy Graham trade from New Orleans to Seattle, starts off trying to be objective, as we all do. But you can quickly see that the crux of her argument is “I like Jimmy Graham, and I don’t want him to leave.” It’s a sentiment we’ve all felt before, and she articulates it better than many fans five times her age.

Here’s the video. I don’t know how to feel about the parents posting this on social media to a Saints fan page. I mean, I’m sure we’re all meant to have a good laugh over this, but posting videos of your kids online having personal moments is still pretty weird. Whatever. It’s out there. Here’s the clip:

I think that millions of Saints fans, and anyone who’s lost a favorite player, mirror this sentiment. I hope this girl still likes Jimmy Graham when he plays in Seattle. If not, here’s to hoping she find a┬ánew favorite Saint.

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