JJ Watt Tweets Fake Trades of Famous Movie Athletes to Celebrate NFL Free Agency

jj watt buys lunch

So, NFL free agency. Talk about a frenzy of activity. Ndamukong Suh signed with the Dolphins. Haloti Ngata traded to the Lions. Torrey Smith signed with the Niners. Frank Gore changed his mind about the Eagles and signed with the Colts. Jimmy Graham traded to the Seahawks for a first rounder and Max Unger. Sam Bradford for Nick Foles. Darrelle Revis “goes home” to the Jets.

As anyone who tried to follow along on Twitter knows, it was absolute madness. And all the hilarious JJ Watt tweets didn’t make it any less confusing.

Watt, of course, was in absolutely no danger of being moved. In fact, when it comes to job stability, it’s probably Tom Brady, then JJ Watt, then Aaron Rodgers—my point being that the flurry of transactions wasn’t causing him any anxiety. So he and his Twitter buddies Bryce Harper, TJ Yates, and Kyle Long had a little fun by making up trades involving famous movie athletes.

Here’s the entire series. Below the tweets there’s a glossary of characters in case you don’t have the encyclopedic memories these guys have.

Here’s the rundown of characters:

Adam Banks…Mighty Ducks
Henry Rowengartner…Rookie of the Year
Julius Campbell…Remember the Titans
Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez…Sandlot
Jesus Shuttlesworth (played by Ray Allen)…He Got Game
Nuke Laloosh…Bull Durham
Crash Davis…Bull Durham
Bash Brothers (Kenny Wu, Dean Portman, Fulton Reed)…Mighty Ducks
Hamilton “The Babe” Porter…Sandlot
Julie “The Cat” Gafney…Mighty Ducks
Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn…Major League
Uncle Rico…Napoleon Dynamite
Ronnie Bass…Remember the Titans
Boobie Miles…Friday Night Lights
Tim Riggans…Friday Night Lights
Willie Beamen…Any Given Sunday
Shane Falco…The Replacements
Bobby Boucher…The Waterboy
Icebox…Little Giants
Air Bud…Air Bud

JJ Watt is a real cinemaphile.

Hat Tip – [Instant Awesome]

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