Roger Federer Gets Burned by a 12 Year-Old’s Lob Shot (Video)

Roger Federer

If you need any more evidence that Roger Federer is getting a little older and a little slower, we’ve got some right here. He was playing an exhibition match at Madison Square Garden against¬†Grigor Dimitrov when a little kid got the chance to square off with the icon, mid-match.

It warrants mentioning that the boy¬†was 12 years-old and he was WEARING JEANS. I don’t know why this makes the story so much worse, but it does. Losing to someone who’s wearing jeans is just the ultimate middle finger to your talents. It’s more dignified to lose to someone eating an ice cream cone.

To the credit of Roger Federer, that lob was a pretty sick shot, regardless of what kind of pants that kid was wearing. Somewhere, Nadal is watching this clip on a loop, taking notes furiously, and browsing the denim section of The Gap.

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