Two West Brom Players Trip and Hit Field-Rushing Aston Villa Fans (Video)

West Brom players hit Villa fans pitch invading

Two West Brom players, James Morrison and Callum McManaman, chose not to sit idly by as Aston Villa fans stormed the pitch following their team’s quarterfinal knockout of West Brom in the FA Cup.

I understand where they’re coming from. Fans are supposed to keep their distance from players for a reason, and it’s not like Aston Villa won the FA Cup or anything. They’ve still got games to play. But that said, I would be surprised if the two players in question don’t get some sort of punishment. But, again, to be fair, they lose about as graciously as Aston Villa fans win.

James Morrison tripped a storming fan, who then fell into another fan, creating a small domino effect. Callum McManaman was a little less stealthy and seemed to either shove or swing at a fan. That fan managed to stay upright but gave the West Brom player the ole stink-eye as he made his way further down the field.

Watch. In slow motion, it almost becomes hypnotic:

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