Will Ferrell To Play All 9 Positions in Cactus League Games Tomorrow

Will Ferrell

Ahhh, spring training baseball. Come for the low-stakes games, stay for the wacky marketing stunts.

Will Ferrell has made it known that he’ll be going to Arizona to play every position in various Cactus League games tomorrow. And he’ll get to and from those game via helicopter, because he’s Will Ferrell, and he won’t subject himself to daytime Arizona traffic.

While there’s no direct tie-in, one could assume that the end game of this stunt is to create awareness for his upcoming film Get Hard with Kevin Hart. I normally wouldn’t connect the dots like that to give a movie a plug, but Will Ferrell’s going above and beyond here. The least we can do is mention his movie.

We don’t have any footage yet, but I’m sure the funnyman will give us something to work with by Friday. Here’s a Tweet corroborating the rumor:

No less than USA Today’s Bob Nightengale is reporting. This is happening, folks.

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