Dad Taken Out by a Line Drive from His Son in the Front Yard (Video)

Line drive

If your kid is an up-and-coming baseball talent, and you’re tasked with pitching to him from a close distance, maybe don’t give him a metal bad. A nice Louisville Slugger will suffice. Honor tradition.

This dad failed to do that, and at the risk of over-explaining this clip, he got taken out pretty hard by a comeback line drive.

Here’s the entirety of the dialogue in the clip:

*Hit ball knocks father over*

Dad: Whoa!

Kid: Sorry, dad


In case I didn’t transport you back with my reenactment, we have a video as well:

Also, if you’re pitching to someone while holding a camera, you might as well paint a bullseye on your forehead. This dad was lucky he wasn’t killed or sterilized by this line drive.

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